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Changes to Mac versions

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This is a long-needed change to the Mac versions of my games. In the past, my Mac games worked on both the old PowerPC-based Macs as well as the newer Intel ones. Well, now the PowerPC Macs have graduated from "old" to "ancient", and Apple has been gently nudging developers into working only with newer releases.

And that extends to the new Mac OS X "Lion", which drops backward-compatibility with PowerPC-based technologies entirely. So I have to look forward instead of backward, and I have now uploaded new Lion-compatible games. If your Mac has complained in the past about compatibility with my games, simply re-download your games and they should work without complaint.

As for PowerPC-based games, I will still keep them around but I will deal with them on a case-by-case basis. If you, for example, have an old PowerPC-based Mac and you need to re-download and/or re-install your game, you should contact support@thecodezone.com directly and I will get you your games.


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