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Great freebie deal

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Oh but I have a good freebie that's coming up in a couple of days. I was going to post this as a gamedev.net front-page news item, but it appears that our news-feed is entirely scraped from other sources now (which is just fine with me), so I'm posting this as a blog item. Feel free to upvote it on that front page tab so everybody sees it.

Packt Publishing, one of the new "biggies" in technical publishing is announcing that they're publishing their 1000th book. And, in honor of that milestone, they're giving a "pleasant surprise gift" (their words not mine) to everyone who has an account on the site before 9/30.

(and I have permission to tell you that the gift is a free ebook of your choice)

So go to www.packtpub.com before 9/30 and sign up for a free account if you don't already have one. Their little ebook online store is top-notch and DRM-free, and they have PDF and EPUB versions of all their books, so you can view 'em on practically every computer or e-reader out there.

Also they have some free books on the site already, so you can check 'em out.

Sep 26 2012 12:36 AM
Thanks for sharing John, sounds like a great deal!

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