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First entry

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First entry

Well folks, this is the first official entry of the Code Zone Development Diary. First off, big thanks to John Munsch for providing a bit of space and bandwidth for me to ramble on about my projects. Hopefully I can impart some interesting commentary on the state of an unusual project. In return, I hope I can get some interesting commentary from you.

One thing you'll notice right off is that my project is on a bit of a more "accelerated" schedule than most others you'll find. I have been described, by more than one person, as applying the Roger Corman model to game development. That is to say that I tend to put out stuff that's written quickly to be sold cheaply. That's not to say that it's crap. I've spent years putting together a system of objects that allows me to make some robust and good-looking games in a short time. More on 'em as time goes by.

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