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No Code Today

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Didn't write any code today, but I do wanna get you up to speed on my current project.

A couple of months ago, I decided that I needed some new content in addition to just spending time improving the existing games, so I decided on creating an entirely new game-pack of 12 games. Added to my existing games, that makes a total of 50. My plan is to have 'em all ready to ship and nicely debugged by mid-October. Surprisingly enough, I'm slightly ahead of schedule, as I'm currently putting the finishing touches on game number 4 of the 12.

The current game, "Zap Pod!", is an arcade game that's based on the old post-pong "Space Zap" game of the mid-70's. If you don't remember it, it's the one where there's a single space station in the middle of the screen, and stuff attacks you from above, below, left, and right ("Gyruss" in reverse).

I've added a bit to the old standard, as you have to blow up wandering rocks to progress to the next level, you actually have to fire in 8 directions after level 4, and there's an appearance by my old pal "Terry the terry-fying monster" (you'll see him in the screen shot later). Interestingly, I planned for this one to be a quickie throwaway-type game, but it's turned out to be one of the better ones in the set.

One quick plug. If you're looking for some cartoonish-looking Sprites, check out SpriteLib. A couple of the enemies and rocks are taken from there. If you need well-drawn sprites, and you need 'em small and free, it's a good resource. Be sure to check out the license restrictions, however, as a couple of 'em are rather weird (like the platform restrictions).

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