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A game project!

Posted by , 12 June 2008 · 332 views

Since I have a devjournal, it would be good to do some developing, wouldn't it? The game that I'll develop is a casual game for Nintendo DS (casual in the positive, Tetris-like pick-and-play meaning) for which idea has been bouncing around my head for about a year now. My goals when designing the game were:

-Target platform: NDS.
-Use stylus as a dedicated control, not a gimmick.
-SIMPLE controls.
-Easy to pick up and play for couple minutes.
-Gameplay should be audio-oriented (think Patapon, Lumines, etc).
-Same rules for single and multiplayer (think Super Puzzle Fighter).

I've developed commercial games for NDS already, so I more or less understand what I'm tackling. The trick is - I'm gameplay programmer and designer. Usually between me and ugly world of VRAM and the like stood like a guarding angel engine, or at least high level API like SDL or XNA. First on the schedule - write a (very) simple graphics engine that will allow me to StartTopScreen2DMode() and so on.

So far I managed to get devkitPro toolchain to compile and created this awesome base for my game:


PS: Oh yeah, my graphics will be typical 'programmers art', so bear with me. Artists will come after gameplay is done ;).

PPS: Don't you like word 'developing'? I could say it all day. Developing developing developing developingdevelopingdeveloping!

Gnipolved! Gnipolved! Gnipolved! GnipolvedGnipolvedGnipolved!

Interesting first substance post, but I have a question. I've not touched the DS before as a Repolved, and I wonder just what the heck that screenshot is! Is it tall due to being both for the top and bottom screen on the DS? Does the DS automatically split it up for you? I think more explanation is in order!

The picture does indeed represent top and bottom screen of DS merged together. Since I'm not yet developing using official Nintendo SDK (homebrew for now), I can't use their awesome screen capture thingy. So I simply run my program through NDS emulator and press 'Print Screen' button ;).
Cool, thanks!
You are Steve Ballmer AICMFP. [smile]

Any clues on what the gameplay is going to be? Or is it a secret?
Basically it comes down to touching blocks that form chain and making them dissappear. Dissappearing blocks cause 'shockwave' that destroys more blocks. Each block destroyed sends another shockwave, thus forming chain reactions and giving you lots of huggable lovable sweet sweet points.

It'll be easier to imagine once I'll show some gameplay screenshots. Patience ;).
This reminds me a lot of Meteos, although I'm not sure if that's just because you're doing this on the DS. Sounds good!

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