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Day off

4: Adsense

Allright, I didn't code yesterday. After week of coding non-stop (at work and at home) I _HAD_ to take the break. I haven't shaved in a week and look like a freakin coconut, I ran out of clean clothes to wear and I emptied whole fridge, tossing empty wrappings/food packaging as far from my door-toilet-laptop-bed route as possible. Sanitary inspection horror waiting to happen. Also, Germany was playing in quarterfinals and my whole company went out to watch the match so I tagged along.

I keep pondering about PA_lib. After all, deliberately using low level lib when high level one is available is just plain stupid. So far I'm not using it because of limitations my DS engine coder friend said it would impose on me. Maybe I should give it a try though? If I can make it run cleanly alongside the low-level 3D code (that I'll be using) and govern the videos, sprites and audio, it'd be cool. I took a look at its source, but apparently it's commented in FRENCH. Seriously, what the hell? It always seemed to me that everybody in whole wide world comments in english, even in their private projects (I know I and all of my friends do). But I'm digressing. Today is Hurricane rock festival that most of my coworkers will be heading to, which means no friday drinking, which means coding. Catch you later.

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