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Game in 7 Days, Day 7: DONE!...ish

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Game in 7 Days, Day 7: DONE!...ish And it's over! Finally sat down to finish my game. Or, at least, do as much as I can. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. What has been done then?

First, the game. I've compiled it in Win/OS X/Linux versions, because the web version doesn't work yet and I didn't have time left in the 7th day to try and figure out why ;). Anyways, here are the builds.


Controls are: mouse, arrow keys, shift for jumping, space for shooting, tab for switching characters/girder mode, and numbers 1-5 for fuse length on grenades and dynamite. Also, direction of meteor storm depends on which direction the currently selected worm is facing.

So, what happened since day 6? First, I've added actual summary screen (though it's very simple, due to time constraints). Which means you can have matches till 1, 2 or 3 wins. The matches carry out on 3 different types of terrain: Stone field, sandy desert, and icy snow. The type is picked at random on level generation. My gf has found time to also create some properly magical weapon art:

-Fireball (bazooka)
-Exploding skull (grenade)
-Magic punch (shotgun)
-Deadly mixture (dynamite)
-Meteor storm (air strike)
-Force field (blowtorch)
-Summon wall (girder)
-Round skip

Posted Image

You'll also notice that beardlings aren't oozes from space any more. They are in fact wizards/gnomes. Actually, what I wanted the most from this little exercise in 7 days, was to learn how to use Unity's new sprite system. Since I was mostly bruteforcing it so far for everything else, this was the perfect opportunity to learn the new skills. My girl has drawn a little 'exploded' bearding like this:

Posted Image

And I have combined it into one game object, which I then animated using Unity's inbuilt animator/animation system. Sure, I've done only one animation, but I have done SOMETHING! ;). As for everything else, audio was added (just sfx), and some explosion animation. Suddenly the game feels much more alive, when the little buggers are shouting out their spells and dying in explosions and under water.

What did I not manage to do in time?

-Fix the web build bug (I started trying to compile to web last thing in the evening of seventh day. Bad idea apparently)
-Prettify all the GUI.
-Improve physics (seriously, this one's bad, I had to move on, and the physics is of such importance in a game like this)
-Work out death sequence so that little beardlings die like worms did, instead of just disappearing
-Add music
-Replaying match on same level
-Pretty much everything from configuration menu
-Hall of fame
-Proper list of teams to choose from (don't create lots of teams ;) )
-How some weapons work (blowtorch being the biggest offender)
-Special weapons would be nice
-Voices in one pitch. I've never done any voice acting, and so the voices of the beardlings vary in pitch and speed a lot - I've tried to mitigate it, but there is a lot of noticeable differences ( compare "fireball" to "exploding skull" for example)
-fix some random bugs (heh)

Huh, seems like quite a lot of things. But then again, the scope of this project was insane. I have pretty much set out to create a full blown Worms clone from grounds up in couple days. This was never going to happen, especially since I've spent plenty of the days away from the computer and with my kid and girl. Still, the project is done and the game is playable, so I am really really happy. I'm also really happy that my girlfriend has helped me out, and we're looking forward to our next project together. She says that she had a great time learning the tools and working on the art, which does bode well. Hopefully one day we'll release some awesome game together.

Posted Image

In the mean time, I already have idea for the next project. Remember how I said that scope of this project was insane? Well, next one is something that I always wanted to do but never got round to doing: Whole world, in 7 days. To quote mikeman: the last guy that did it got pretty famous ;). See you then!

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Jan 26 2014 04:24 PM
I love reading this. the shear amount you accomplished on each day was quite amazing. it'd probably have taken me a whole week on level generation alone. this was very fun to read, and see what it turned into. I played the game a bit, and it is quite enjoyable, the sound effects are funny, and hilarious. even if you think the physics are broken, i thought the aerodynamics was quite good, and by my second match i was getting pretty good at predicting where stuff would land. still, this is pretty much a core game, with some polish you'd be all set to go imo. unity supports alot of platforms, any plans to potentially sell this, or is this it for the game?
Jan 26 2014 04:41 PM

I actually thought about releasing it (at least for iOS), but I'll need to sit down with somebody that knows legalese to check if it's ok to release a game that's basically worms clone in different clothing. I'd love to put in some elbow grease (about 3 months worth of work I reckon), and turn it into a proper polished game.

Jan 28 2014 09:06 AM

I love it, you should be very proud of yourself. I must admit, when I read the series early on I said to myself "Good luck, but there's no way he'll get it done in 7 days". Well, you certainly did sir, congrats. Sure there are bugs and missing things, I don't know of any games that haven't had scope cut and been released with bugs...that's why just about every game has a patch the first time you log in haha.

All in all, be proud of what you accomplished, well done.

Jan 29 2014 01:04 AM

Say what? Wow. I have a request. Would you type out a overview summary of the entire process along with the day numbers, describing what exactly was done in brief detail?


7 days sounds like a good target goal, and it will help me get used to the process of making games. Right now my process is broken:



Jan 30 2014 11:08 PM


God, I loloud here, @3AM


Great job (and an even better joke!)

Jan 31 2014 09:43 PM

Well done sir and congratulations in regards to your child. I wish I had the ability you had. I instead am going the RPG Maker route. 

Feb 01 2014 04:23 AM

Tutorial Doctor -- the links at the bottom of the post include summaries of development on each day! :)

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