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4: Adsense

Devlog #17: The Livestream

Over the last month we've had fun doing the livestream. We made new friends and everyone had a great time during this month-long experiment.

After a month of livestreaming, we've discovered that we can't maintain the same level of production that we could before.

So we are no longer able to continue the game development livestream. However, we are looki...

Devlog #16: The Bugs are Fixed... I Think

Well, the good news is that this works!


I finally managed to fix pulling across map borders. You still aren't moving your target... But at least you are not longer getting stuck.

I still had a host of small bugs to fix today, this being one of them:


Devlog #15: Pulling is Buggy

The Pulling Mechanic

So, today I started work on the "pulling" mechanic. This mechanic allows you to pull other characters around the map. Such a feature would be useful in combat, and would also aid in forcing characters out of choke points.

I decided to get it working in a simple situation first: Neither the target nor the grabber is moving. I expec...

Devlog #14: The World of Volund has been Mapped!

Grabbing Sprite

Today started off with a relatively easy task: Add in a "grabbing" sprite for when a character grabs on to another.

I started off with getting things setup to add the sprite to the character's spritesheet. This went well, however I discovered something surprising: It was already there! Wishing I had noticed this sooner, I quickly moved...

Devlog #13: New Version and Lots of Fan Art

Name Tags

Due to popular request, "name" tags have been added at the last minute. The name is simply an incrementing number, but it allows you to identify each other while playing.

Fanart by SurvivorTuga :

The Caboose has been Found

I finally fixed the bug that was causing the third character i...