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iOS: Complex Models, and Lighting

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More iOS progress. Screenshot:

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This is a complex model, an orc, loading from the 10FF data. The orc consists of 12 actual models, stitched together so they can be swapped in and out as needed; for instance, if the orc decides to wield a sword instead of a club.

No textures yet, but I have implemented lighting. The weird lighting in this screenshot is because:
  • The ambient light is blue.
  • There is a green directional light to the top left.
  • There is a red point light to the top right.
The weird colors let me know that I have actually implemented things properly. (There was a snafu with the normal vectors that was screwing me up for awhile, which this lighting made really obvious). Once I implement textures, I'll use more reasonable lighting.

Next up, textures and animations. Animations should be super-simple, as the rendering code already handles them, it just needs to be told (by the shell application) what time it is. Textures are a little trickier, but still not too bad since the rendering code supports them just fine on Windows.

Nov 17 2012 08:16 PM
Great work on your progress.

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