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Isolate Development

4: Adsense

On Motivation and Judgement

This entry for the fresh faces in the GDNet forums that have at one time or another asked what languages, libraries or applications to use to get started with game development. This is also for the ones who HAVE started developing games, without any concern over the implications of their decisions.

Confidence is vital to a developer. We know that a solo...


I remember being so excited about learning new things that I would often share my growing vocabulary with others. Of course, rattling off GPU model numbers and introducing my peers to my work with terms I made up made me feel smart, but it did...

The Fallacy of Gray and Deciding What's Best

I had a discussion with a fellow Hacker News dweller named Loup on the Fallacy of Gray and how it applies to programming. After looking at his assertive, yet intriguing blog, I was motivated to continue the discussion.

Since gray is...