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Questions, questions...

4: Adsense

Since my last entry, I have worked quite a bit on the game. Mainly, I implemented a race with more than one opponents, a rudimentary but proper damage system, and some other minor stuff. I took a video of the gameplay in its current state(for some reason gamecam, which I have a registered version of, doesn't seem to record sound, sorry).


Now, what I'm wondering about is where could I go with this game. I mean, I'm not deluded, I realize that the game, at least in its current state, can be characterized as...well...'cute' or 'nice', but not anything impressive, which is quite logical for a project that doesn't have dedicated artists or is based on a grand innovative one-in-a-million idea. Furthermore, the top-down racing genre isn't exactly the most popular in town, especially for PC which is(for now) the running platform. Personally though I enjoy those games, even today fire up the classic Death Rally for a round or two, and I enjoy making the game very much. Mobiles seem to be a more fitting platform, in the long term, and there are plans for a port to Android and iOS once it's done.

To be honest, I was hoping I could achieve, even on my own, with purchased stock art (some of which you can see in the video above - most from dexsoft-games.com ) and with some smart level design(which will undoubtebly take much more time than the cheap-and-fast level I have for now) enough quality in order to pitch my game, in portals like Steam. I don't care about making 'big money', of course, and I realize both the game and the genre isn't really suited for that, but just leaving some good impressions to people(of course, if I make a buck for myself in the process, the better!). I have taken some opinions from people who have seen/played the game, and they're divided: Some think it's got potential to be 'good enough for Steam', some find it lacking, and frankly I can see their point.

Of course, the game is still early in development, so I can always hope fate(and some more nice demos/videos of course) will bring a good 3D artist or two on board. Plus, these days, there is always the option of alphafunding(unfortunately, as a non-US citizen, I don't have access to Kickstarter). A solid playable demonstration would be an advantage, but again there's the issue of a not very popular genre from an unkown developer. But there's nothing wrong with a bit of ambition here: The game is what it is, I *will* finish it(I've come too far not to) and make the best of it. Even when all other options fail, there's always the route of just release it as freeware; just people playing and enjoying it would make me content, and it would be a decent piece for my porfolio in about a year, when I will get my bachelor's(better late than never) and I'll consider doing some more serious job-hunting in the game industry.

So, all in all, I am quite optimistic about this, the project is going rather well and there are plans for the future. My living expenses are covered by my day job, plus some micro-funding of the project(I mean the occasional 30-buck expense to purchase some nice stock art that cought my eye) so there's no rush, other than avoiding wasting too much time into the dreadful 'stale state'. And I leave you with that. Till next time Posted Image

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