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Journal of rip-off

4: Adsense

New game project - featuring video!

New Project Announcement

I've been working on a fencing game for the last few months with a friend of mine. Its coming along nicely. We hope to have it finished during the summer, but we're close to having an alpha of the primary gameplay, perhaps by the end of the month.

I thought I'd get time to work on the...

Making a simple programming language - preramble

I'm just cleaning up the code for the first article in my planned series. In particular I scrubbed C++0x from it, because not everyone will support it.


I'm debating on whether to add extensive comments. I intend for this to be aimed at people who know C++, but the question is how well. I make liberal use of...

Proto article series on creating a programming language - Roadmap

There has been a lot of interest on the forums about creating custom programming languages. Since I have done this, I was thinking of doing a semi-retrospective, semi-rewrite to illustrate how to build a working programming language interpreter. I was considering doing this for quite some time, but I didn't quite have the motivation to do...

New game idea

I've had an idea brewing for some time for a new game. It is roughly like Civilisation, but more abstract, hopefully simpler and with a few ideas of my own I'd like to try out. I'm aiming for a proof of concept at the moment. So I'm not going to worry too much about the non-military aspects of such games. Diplomacy, economies and other such mechanics will...

UFEC pre-results

The deadline for UFEC feedback is tomorrow. Hopefully that means the results will be available shortly, perhaps before the end of the month depending on how busy Lesan is.

Giving feedback on other peoples games is hard. Being game developers, we all know the trials involved, the hacks, the programmer art, the frantic cutting for impending...