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KVM, Templates, etc...

4: Adsense

I'm currently in the process of setting up a gentoo box so I can move on with cross platform engine development. I'm looking for a good (and prefferably cheap) KVM switch that can support USB as well as Logitech wireless mouse (I heard this mouse has problems with most switches). Another requirement is a switch that supports digital display output (even though I have analog now, I plan to buy an LCD soon enough). If anyone has any suggestions, they're more than welcome.

I'm also slowly progressing through Modern C++ Design and learning something new every day. Not sure how this book will affect my development habbits buy I'm sure I'll pick up a few tricks I'll be able to use on daily bases. My next book is going to be Understanding the Linux Kernel. Even though it's outdated, it'll certainly open up a brave new world for me as I've never gone beyond being a simple Linux user.

Going to sleep soon. Work tomorrow.

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