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Digital adventures through the third dimension

4: Adsense

XML in UDK using DLLBind

Hello everyone,

A while ago I started on a dll to process XML in UDK using DLLBind and C#. I have been extremely busy lately, so I decided to take what I had and throw it up on the internet. It is not 100% (It probably has bugs and can't generate xml yet), but it might help someone. I take no responsibility for it, and it is very in development code,...

Using C# Managed DLL's in UDK (or exposing managed dlls in an unmanaged application)

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to share a technique I researched in order to allow DLL files created in C# to be used in the Unreal Development Kit. I posted a very similar tutorial to the one I am going to post today on my blog on the UDK forums, however since not everyone frequents that site I will post a more detailed version here for the GameDev...

Starting a game in HTML5

So recently I have become interested in HTML5 and the new Canvas tag from a development perspective. Browser adoption is starting to catch up to the standard (although Firefox's Canvas element is still slow compares to IE9 and Chrome which is a bit lame) and HTML5 is starting to look like an attractive game/simulation development option.

My plan is to...

Game updates: Title screen, menu, bug fixes

I thought I would post a quick blog entry to showcase the latest progress on my game: Attack of the Dapper Gerbils. It is a Game Maker 8 (LE compatible even though I have pro) game created as an example for my middle school students (and because I want to).

Here are some of the current...

Faking It: Platform Game Ai

Today's blog post is going to start talking about game AI for my untitled in progress game using Game Maker. I have come to the point in my game where I need to start making enemies that behave somewhat more intelligently than a sack of potatoes.

To start with I realized that there is a commonality between my player and the enemies when it comes to...

The New Gamedev And Slew Of Journals

Hello everyone, I woke up this morning to see snow and the brand new GameDev.net site! The entire site is taking me some time to get familiar with and I am still trying to get to grips with the updated user ratings.

It appears as if all GameDev users have blogs... which may be a mixed blessing. I appreciate the fact that giving everyone the...

Going backwards - Digital adventures of the second dimension


Hello! It has been a long time since my last journal entry here on GameDev. I have been extremely busy, but I hope everyone has had a great Christmas/New Year/Other Holidays!

Newton's Enigma is still under active development. I recently downloaded the December UDK and I am excited to begin playing around with some of the new...


This is a screenshot from a demo level I made using UDK for a symposium I recently attended. The purpose of this level was to build my skills in the level editor program, to experiment with a modded HUD, and to learn Kismet/Matinee.

The picture to the left of the image is a model I have previously shown that was created in Blender. The doors to the...