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Gnoblins - Development journal of an indie game

4: Adsense

Some random thoughts about the future of the game industry

Some random thoughts about the future of the game industry and where it will go in the future.
The truth is, I don't know, nobody knows, but I fear that the current game industry heading towards a very large bubble, which might eventuelly burst.

There are many reasons, one is for sure, that the industry invest incredible amounts of money in top AAA...

Rat Creature Wip II

So, here's the next iteration, cleaned up the texture, changed the rendering setup, the texture color and the anatomy (abs):

Posted Image

Rat Creature Wip

I've updated my rat creature wip, here's the result. C&C are welcome Posted Image

Posted Image

New Programmer Art

I'm in need of taking a little break from coding, so there is nothing better as doing some programmer art instead. Trying my best at a new creature for my game, the ratman warrior thingy. Here's the first model attempt:

Posted Image

And a turntable...

New ingame video of gnoblins.

Here's a new ingame video of the current development version of gnoblins:

Here are some of the changes of the last weeks (repost from indiedb):

For one we have decided to make a shift from the player character to the gnoblins. Instead of having a class or skill system for the player character, we made the...