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Gnoblins - Development journal of an indie game

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New Version of Gnoblins is out !

The second pre-alpha version of gnoblins with some great improvements is out.

Posted Image

Most important are the addition of sound fx and music. The awesome music is created by Christian Andersson (Craze Music).

As always you can download the new...

What comes next ?

I' currently working on the next version of gnoblins. The pre-alpha version is already online and can be downloaded from here. Any critique or comments are appreciated.

But back to the next version. It will be the first official alpha version. Main focus is sound,music and configuration.


Pre-Alpha is out now !

Yeah, I've uploaded the first public version of gnoblins (more) Posted Image . Please feel free to test it out and comment here if you like.


Here's a litte...

OMG... I've done it...Permadeath

Still in preparation of the prealpha, but I already have branched it, made a short pre-alpha "trailer", added more screenies and playtested my game(open pre alpha end of this week !).

I'm quite satisfied that I have implemented permadeath. Death is not permanent at first, you have a certain favor...

Creating the first release candidate and its pitfalls

A successful weekend. I've finished the first release candidate for the pre alpha of my game gnoblins.This candidate is still part of the closed pre alpha phase, the public version will be released at the end of this week.

I've created the installer with NSIS, a nice...