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Hello World

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I want to say hello world to the gamedev community. I'm a german based hobby developer and in my first journal entry I want to introduce my game based on my game engine. But first a little screenshot to show off the current state of development.

Dungeon Fortress

The game engine, as a hobby project, is in development since late 1998. After several attempts to team up with other developers, artists and several game projects attempts based on my engine I team up with an old school friend. The screenshots are from the game in development since early 2009, my friends helps out with art and we both work on the game design.

Dungeon Fortress

The project work title is "dungeon fortress" and is planned to be a rpg/rts hybrid, but currently only the rpg part is in development.

Yeah, that's it. I think that I will talk about the engine features and game goals in one of my future entries.

Dungeon Fortress

Jan 11 2010 08:14 PM
Hello and welcome! The game looks nice so far :) . What is it programmed in?
Jan 12 2010 01:31 AM
Original post by shadowisadog
Hello and welcome! The game looks nice so far :) . What is it programmed in?

Thanks :)

The engine is coded in C++. I'm using SDL, OpenGL, OpenAL, bullet physics and lua as additional libraries.
Jan 22 2010 07:07 AM
Cool looking caves! Are they handmade content or procedurally generated?
Jan 22 2010 06:09 PM
Original post by all_names_taken
Cool looking caves! Are they handmade content or procedurally generated?

The cave textures are procedurally generated, the cave geometry is handmade. But there are other things which are procedurally generated, like the creature skins or the content (barrels placemtn, little stones on ground etc. ). It is planned to generate a whole map procedurally.
Feb 16 2010 08:15 AM
Hello Ashaman73,

I enjoyed reading your game design and art work of your dungeon game. Very cool work. Have you drawn any locale world maps for your dungeon game? How is your character modeling coming along? What kind of creatures will there be in the dungeon as well? You don't have to give me all the details cause I wouldn't want you to pour out your heart and soul of telling me everything of your game. I know how that would feel.

Just wanted to drop a line to ya saying your work is very interesting and I would love to see your game out on store chelves to play. I love dungeon crawler games even first person perspectives as well. I to have designed a top view dungeon crawler all free hand drawling of course. Never been drawn on the computer yet. It took me two full years to draw the map. And in total it's 13 1/2 feet long and 4 feet wide of the map. First person view if I ever get it onto computer stage. It can be played like a Pen and Paper game as well.

Anyways I will let you go and let you get back to work. The only reason why I had explained my game design is to tell you that I am also a game designer and long hours and dedication to one game dreams is long hours and patients to see something finished and completed. Kind of an odd way to say all of this but its true. Anyways good work on your project.


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