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Linux and more Programmer Art

Posted by Ashaman73, 03 February 2013 · 1,599 views

Gnoblins Linux Windows8
With windows 8 my willingness to try out linux has been tripled over night. Is windows really that much better than linux any longer ? I bought a new laptop and set a new pre-installed windows OS aside to give linux (ubuntu) a chance. Though I will not turn my back on windows completely (at least I'm quite happy with visual studio), it could be enough to wait until windows 9 is released, hopeful setting the focus back on a desktop OS again.

When it runs good, very good, I might think about testing out a port of my game to linux...

Speaking of Gnoblins, I plan to release the first public alpha version at the end of this month, so stay tuned. Further on I'm currently in artist mode again, trying my coder hands on some programmer art, here's the current wip of my new model , the elder.

Posted Image

you are learning. I wish i had a modeler like you on our team! :)

Best programmer art I've ever seen.

Thx both of you.


I wish i had a modeler like you on our team!

The model is actually a combination of two already existing models plus some tweaking. Once you have a set of some models, you can start to combine and derive them alot, atleast if you are happy with this level of art. Pros will most likely wrinkle their noses on such a technique :)