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Gnoblins Alpha Demo released !

Gnoblins Demo Alpha
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Today I'm proud to announce the release of the alpha demo of Gnoblins. You can download it directly from our homepage over here or from IndieDB.

Gnoblins is a 3d dungeon crawler game, a rogue-like in its heart, with a lightweight RTS part. You need to save the world of Amunlak from an upcoming peril. You, a former novice of the destroyed secret society of the guardians, found yourself in unknown underground world inhabited by the unimpressive appearing people, who call themselves the Gnoblins. But with the help of these people, you must find a way to save the world from its own greed and hate.

The demo features the first underground world consisting of several levels which contain randomized parts. You are able to explore the underground world in first person perspective and to seek hidden treasures and secrets which might be helpful in your quest. Additionally the Gnoblins will lead you a helping hand, at least for a small obolus. With their help you will be able to craft better equipment and build your own dungeon to survive the dangers hidden in the darkness.

The game is still in the alpha stage, therefore expect some bugs and glitches and consider that most, but not all features have been implemented yet (details). But if you like the game, please consider supporting us. Just mentioning our game on twitter, facebook or your blog would be really help to us. If you need some footage take a look at the screenshot section (including a small press-kit). Although vote for Gnoblins on Greenlightand on IndieDB. If you have some questions, take a look at our FAQ
section or post your comments on either Greenlight, IndieDBor our own forum.

Here's the trailer again

Feb 28 2013 08:31 PM


Mar 01 2013 10:21 AM

I might just be stupid (it's extremely likely, btw) but I couldn't get my little goblin follower to dig the tunnel at the X sign. (Spoiler alert!) I had him follow me, went to the M screen to try to assign orders to dig, but he just wouldn't do anything. His status says he is in state Work, regardless of what I do or how I try to get him to Idle or anything else. Maybe I'm just a little dense on how to control these guys.

Mar 01 2013 11:33 AM

Following does not work at the moment, just don't assign him to follow and just mark the tunnel (still alpha ;-) )

Mar 01 2013 01:45 PM

@FleBlanc - Open the map - select the small tunnel icon - click down on the point you want to dig at and drag it slightly in the direction you want the tunnel built in - you will see a grey (blueprint) tunnel graphic appear - let go the mouse click and a short time later the Gnoblin should build your tunnel. You can also while holding the button down drag the mouse button further if you want a longer tunnel. However the gnoblin will only build one section of it a time - taking a small respite inbetween each section's construction.

Mar 01 2013 02:51 PM

Ah, thanks @Stormynature, that did the trick. I was just clicking, not dragging. Pretty cool game so far.

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