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Yckx's GameDev Journal

4: Adsense


I actually did some coding yesterday and today. GitHub says it's been about six weeks since I've committed any changes. I blame Batman: Arkham City, Dark Souls, Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Star Wars: Tho Old Republic beta weekends, and various holiday preparations. I imagine I won't get any more real coding time in until the second...

Decisions, Decisions. And an Aha!

I've thought all day about how to compile all the maze meshes into one static vertex buffer. Right now, each corner and straight section is its own mesh, which gets transformed every frame. That's 1632 needless transformations. The issue is how and where to create an ID3D11Buffer* initialized with the pretransformed verts of all the wall meshes. The...

Return of the Cage

It took longer than I'd expected to return to this point, but here I am:

Posted Image

And to be honest, I don't care that it's taken me a while. I'm having fun, I'm happy and satisfied with the improved quality of (most of) my code, and I have mo deadline to meet....


I've taken a lot of time and care over the rendering code the last several days. I'm also using DirectXMath SIMD optimized datatypes and functions. Memory alignment is something I'd never really dealt with before, and it took a bit of time to get used to, but things are going swimmingly now.

The below screenshot doesn't look like much, but...


I've spent my coding time the last couple of days refactoring my Renderer class. Up until this point, all the D3D code was in Renderer. It worked, but it was difficult to easily pick out what was going on when looking at the code. So I decided to create wrapper classes for the various D3D11 interfaces I was using. My code is much cleaner now, and I can...

Design Flaw

I've realized a design flaw in my entity/component system: I don't have a good way to actually initialize component data! Looky here:

Entity e = entity_system.CreateNewEntity();
entity_system.AttachComponent( e, COMPONENT_XFORM );
/* e can now have position, scale and rotation, but how to initialize it? It
* feels...

Square One

I had coded myself into a corner a while back, not being able to effectively manage the ghosts. Also, I didn't like how some sections of my code were working out. It became evident that it would be easier to start over than to try to shoehorn fixes into the existing code. Well, I actually can use much of the existing code, but it was easier to...

Please Critique my Entity System

I code in a vacuum. I learned C++ from books and the 'Net, never took a class, and all my friends are humanities types. So I can't get any kind of RW peer review. That's where you come in.

I've taken a first pass at an entity/component system. I've neither written nor used such a system before, and while this code compiles and...