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Continuing the conversation

Worked a bit more on the conversation editor. Line links can now be established and broken, the "l" button and the "b" button. Lines can also be moved up and down on the same level using the left and right buttons. And I also made it so that NPC responses are colored in red and links in violet.

There are also some more visual changes like icons...

Starting a conversation

I am working on a rpg in the style of Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age. An important part in these kind of games is the conversation system. The conversations are not just simple one liners but they branch and repeat in various ways so it is important that the conversation system is flexible enough to handle all of this.

A conversation is a line...

Adventures in the land of Linux

I have started to port my current project to Linux. I began yesterday by installing Ubuntu, Xmonad and configuring vim. I resumed today by installing Code::Blocks (I'll probably use cmake for project configuration once I have got it all to compile) and checking out the latest version of my project. I created a new static library, added all source files...

Bachelor project - almost finished

Just finished the presentation of my bachelor project, a Haskell Interpreter in javascript. It went pretty good but it could definitely gone better, a bit of stuttering on my side, we rushed through some parts and most of the crowd did not know what Haskell was. So now it's time to grade my coworkers, have a grading discussion with our mentor and...

RymdspeletHD - New beta

Just finished a new beta version of my addicitive space asteroid shooter RymdspeletHD, it is available at http://www.rymdspelet.net as usual.

I'll probably have to polish it for two or three versions more before it is ready to get out of beta and be released for "real". And if I manage to get my friend to actually to compose something then there might...

A haskell interpreter in Javascript

The report for my bachelor thesis has just been completed, a Haskell interpreter written i javascript. We were four people working on this project and my main responsibility was to make the parser, this meant stripping comment, applying the layout rules, parsing the actual grammar and generating the abstract syntax tree. Most of the language as it...

First post

So I just got a GDNet+ subscription, payed for a whole year, just to show my appreciation for this site. Figure that I might just as well use this journal for something, but that will probably have to wait as I am busy writing a report for my bachelor thesis, a Haskell interpreter in javascript. You can probably expect some more information about that...