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A couple of hours with Unity

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I downloaded and I have now spent a couple of hours playing around with it, most of which was spent building the light maps. The result is a medieval city scene viewed from a top down perspective and a character that goes where you click. The camera can be moved be moving the cursor to the corners of the screen and there is also a monster that will try to hunt you down, although it does not deal any damage yet. Expect more updates soon.

There is a web player available here: http://www.tinyrocke.../WebPlayer.html

It is now possible to attack (and kill) the monster and he got a buddy waiting for you further down the road. There is also some wind blowing in the background.

Update 2
The town is bigger now and there is new enemy "hiding" in it. I have also added basic path finding using Angry Ant's Path and some basic leveling, don't forget to spend your characters points or you will probably meet a gruesome death.

Update 3
I have implemented the quest view and added one quest, "Kill all the monsters"...

Feb 04 2011 08:06 AM
Impressive stuff for a couple of hours. This really does seem to be the future, this tech.
Feb 04 2011 02:14 PM
Yes, it is really impressive for just a bit of hacking time. I assume that the models were already made before hand? Or does some of that stuff come with Unity now?
Feb 04 2011 02:33 PM
The models are from Arteria3d and Dexsoft, except fore the fire in the torches which is part of the standard unity package.
Feb 07 2011 05:09 AM
Nice work! That looks pretty cool.

I still can't decide if I like Unity or not. On one hand, when things work, they seem to work brilliantly. On the other hand, it's a total pain in the ass to debug; and a lot of things that seem like they should be easy end up being confusing and awkward (like instantiating objects from code). It's very content-focused, and while you can do cool things in code, doing things from code is not the natural workflow. I often feel like it occupies this awkward spot between AAA and indie where it's not quite suited for making AAA games, but it's also not great at making your standard indie game either (it doesn't do lo-fi well out of the box). I also don't like how actively hostile it is to version control. (Seriously, try to use SVN with it, I dare you). Even after all those complaints, I still sort of like it though.

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