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Math for Game Developers Video Series

Posted by , 26 January 2013 · 12,424 views

I've launched a new Youtube series, Math for Game Developers. Each week I'll be showing how to solve a new problem in game development using math, and I'll be building up a math toolkit that you can use to solve any game dev problem.

1. Moving a character with vectors:

2. More moving characters:

3. Finding the distance between two characters:

4. Fast way to compare distances:

5. Speeding up and slowing down characters:

This is very basic stuff, just showing the basics of vector maths, but
eventually I'll be progressing to explaining the math behind more
advanced things. I'm very excited about this series because it focuses
on solving specific problems that come up in game dev all the time. When
I was just learning game development I couldn't be bothered to learn
any math unless it helped me in some way, so every video I make
solves a problem.

I hope to help out people who are just starting their game dev career so
please let me know if I can improve the videos (other than the low
quality audio, a problem I'm working on) or if you didn't understand
something Posted Image

Could you show me something that explains the individual components of world, view, and projection matrices?

Yes I would love to! But I'm going to build up to that so it'll come later in the series. I'll get there eventually, no worries!


For the last few months I've been pondering on how to finally start getting serious with math to better myself in game programming. It seems the answer found me. Thank you very much for these videos :D

P.S. Could you post a link to your channel?

Hey thank you! Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/user/BSVino


New videos once a week :)

Great idea! Another interesting topic would be "how to build a GUI" ,so for example stuff like: from object coordinates to screen coordinate, proportions of the GUI components, various resolutions issues etc!

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