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Wilhelm's Journal

4: Adsense

Ash Dawn - Alpha live, website up, name changed

First things first. Since S2 brought out their new moba named "Strife" we decided to change our game's name from "Legends of Strife" to "Ash Dawn". For quite a while we chose to keep the name as it was but in the end we thought it best to change it. Aspecialy since we would use "Strife" as short for "Legends of Strife" 
Ash Dawn has now reac...

Compiling java games to javascript

Ive been very busy with my main project (Legends of Strife) Its pretty much ready for an fully playable release. There is still only one zone but it has about 60 quests and 20 spells/abilities and a decent amount of frendly and hostile npc's with unique behavior and lots of items/stats and a working "town siege" system but il save that for anoth...

Strife update

Legends of Strife

I realized that i haven't made and update in 7 months. Fortunately its not for lack of progress I somehow just never got to writing posts. So here's a quick summary, in the last 7 months I have:

Separated the opengl part of my engine from the rest via an interface and with that created a DirectX equivalent. Since I'm using java I had...

Strife: Sigil System

Legends of Strife

Implemented sigil system. You can now buy premade sigils or design and upload your own which can be displayed on your armour for all to see.

Heres a video explaining it in more detail.



Strife: Bitcoin to ingame cosmetic currency

Legends of Strife

Implemented the purchase of ingame cosmetic currency (star shards) using bitcoin. Each strife account gets an unique public address to which the player can make payments. If the player is ingame it should take a minute or two for the server to pick up the payment and give the player his star shards. If the player is offline the server...

Strife: World Editor

Legends of Strife

Done a lot of work on the strife world editor. It has reached the point where all world building can be done inside the editor without using Photoshop or a text editor to edit certain aspects of the world.

Here's a short video briefly demonstrating the work done on the editor. Expect much terrain improvement coming soon! My wife has d...

Strife: Stat System

Implemented Stats.

Way too lazy to type out a proper explanation now but please feel free to ask questions!

Here's a demonstration video



Strife: Reputation System

Legends of Strife

Completed the reputation system.


The main feature of strife will be the world pvp. If a zone in strife is contested between 2 factions players will be able to choose sides and kill oposing players and npc's in that zone as a means to gain reputation with their faction....

Strife: Character screen additions and more inanimate entities

Legends of Strife
Characters now display on the character and character create screens.
you can now choose hair style and colour on character create screen.
Added more inanimate entities with unique on use actions to the world.
Added looting animation.

Here's a video showing the improvements to the character and character create screens.


Strife: Npc Behavior

Legends of Strife
Implemented a flexible npc behaviour system that can be used to define reusable behaviour components. Multiple behaviour components can be given to one npc.
expanded quest system to also allow for custom quest specific objective types (As opposed to just the generic kill X of creature or collect X).
Added spell Bone Cage: Bones pierce o...