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Wilhelm's Journal

Strife: Character screens and persistance

Posted by , in Strife 25 November 2012 - - - - - - · 925 views
Strife, Legends of Strife, MMORPG and 1 more...

I have finally decided what I want to call this game. Well... I called it Strife from the start and I'll continue calling it Strife when referring to it but up to now it lacked a full name. Which is now 'Legends of Strife'!

Now onto more useful things...

I've done a lot of back end server and database work to extend what I had before into a functional account and character system. A character create screen allows you to create characters by choosing a name and a class (eg. warrior, mage etc) on the account you logged in with. All character information is saved to the database every 5 minutes or when the characters logs out. Every character saves itself on its own clock, which starts ticking the moment he logs in to spread the load on the servers database thread. Name, class, position, orientation, HP, item and quest information is stored on the database. Name and class is only stored once when the character is first created.

Also worth noting is that I made some improvements that allow an entity that's in range of the player to load its resources on the client without freezing the client by not rendering it while it's loading. Of course if you zone into an area it can cause you to be attacked by something you can't see yet, but that's better than not even knowing that you're being attacked because the client is frozen while its loading the hostile entities model :D

My wife (who does all the art and models... not sure if I ever mentioned that :D) has finally replaced the last of the place holder terrain tiles that I ripped from WoW. And she's hard at work doing creature and npc models. Most of what she has made isn't in game yet since I'm still focusing mostly on creating the back end. Although at this point I feel confident enough to start with "more fun stuff", maybe I'll start with spells and abilities next ^^

Here is a video demonstrating what I was talking about.

Strife: Loot and Inventory

Posted by , in Strife 11 November 2012 - - - - - - · 1,208 views
Strife, MMORPG, Distant Melody

Implemented the basic inventory system. The UI still needs a couple of small additions but the essentials are there.

Player inventory is fully managed by the server, for example: when a player kills a creature the server sends a list of item id's to the client that the client will display to the player. When the player then clicks on a loot icon the client simply sends a "loot request" with the given item id back to the server, which will validate the loot request and check that the player has room in his bag before finally adding it to the players inventory. Lastly it will send a message back to the client stating that it received the item along with the inventory slot the item is in. From there the client can display the newly acquired item to the player.

Posted Image

Strife: Questing and Creature Hostility

Posted by , in Strife 04 November 2012 - - - - - - · 1,026 views
Strife, MMORPG, Distant Melody

My first child was born last week Tuesday (A healthy boy at 3.7 kg named Ryan). But inbetween changing nappies and supporting my wife I managed to get a good amount of work done (and with work I mean writing Strife seeing as I'm on paternity leave from real work ^^).

As usual I have a video and a list of changes. Most of my time since my last post went into making questing functional and making sure as much as possible happens on the server with as little as possible being sent over the line.

- Questing: added quest givers with emotes. Implemented a complete quest chain with quests being able to have more than one objective or prerequisite quests. One quest giver can also offer multiple quests at the same time.
- Creature Hostility with colour coding. Some creatures are now hostile towards players or other creatures.
- Creature Tagging. The player that firsts attacks a creature will get the quest credit for it when it dies. Players will also not get quest credit if they kill a creature thats fighting another creature unless they wait for one of them to die first. A creature tagged by something ohter than you will have a grey nameplate.
- Creatures now also show their target.
- Can now only attacking things in front of you (server side check)
- Fixed 2 small issues that sometimes caused creatures to either pat backwards or do a 360 degree twirl.

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