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Wilhelm's Journal

Strife: Player Death

Posted by , in Strife 29 May 2013 - - - - - - · 901 views
Strife, Legends of Strife, MMORPG and 1 more...
Legends of Strife

-Implemented player death and "ghost" mode. Shortly after you die you will see your ghost standing on your corpses location. You will need to find a shrine to resurrect.
-Implemented hp and mana regen. Your hp and mana will now slowly restore itself.
-Hostile humanoid npc's now properly attack with their equiped weapons

To play Legends of Strife download it here. http://www.distantmelody.net/data/legends-of-strife/strife.exe If you have already downloaded an older version just run it and it should patch itself.

Heres a video showing player death.

Strife: Performance

Posted by , in Strife 04 May 2013 - - - - - - · 826 views
Strife, Legends of Strife, MMORPG and 1 more...
Legends of Strife

Spend the last week on performance optimisation. Up to now I've never giving it any priority so there was allot to do. I have managed to get the framerate (on my pc) 4 times faster in general. But even so its still running too slow for what its doing but I will get it there eventually. For now I might leave it as it is since it runs acceptably on most pc's I've tested on and instead focus on finishing the game features.

I have also fixed a few bugs that caused crashes. Of course its very likely that some still remain.

All feedback appreciated. Would be especially nice if you could make a necromancer (skull icon) and try to raise some dead creatures. Also you can try its bone shield which it gains at level 2 (You'l have to drag it from the spellbook to your cast bar).


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