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Blood Tactics - updates

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A lot of improvements was made to Blood Tactics over the last 3 weeks. Most assets are stil placeholders.

You can play Blood Tactics using this direct link or you can go to my website www.distantmelody.net/blood-tactics. The Blood Tactics server is always online.

Changes include:

- sound from enemy players gunfire
- enemy players current weapon will be visible on the their model
- added ammo to the game.
- added weapon and ammo pickups
- added shotgun and AK47
- pistol and AK47 creates bullet holes on environment
- added skybox and did alot of work on first map.
- added HP to the game.
- there is now 3 regions on a player characters body: head, torso and legs. Depending where they get hit and what gun was used it will cause different amounts of damage.
- If a player is killed by a headshot it will be displayd.
- The game will now start fullscreen by default using the maximum resolution available.

Im now going to add more weapons to the game and im going to start creating the menu system.

Oct 20 2011 01:04 PM
Nice! Just played and it was rather interesting. Met 2 other players too :D

Consider tweeking the speed a bit? Especially the jumping and such?

I'll be watching for more :)
Oct 25 2011 02:21 PM
I played it too. The collision detection is nice, and the controls are easy to pick up. Sadly I didn't encounter any other players so I couldn't show off my Quake World skillz!. ;-) I liked the bullet holes

Some comments on the game:
- Animate the machine gun.
- Make the camera go slightly up and down when moving (simulate walking movement), rotate it slightly when strafing.

Just a few suggestions from the top of my head. The game looks very promising. Keep it up!
Oct 25 2011 02:22 PM
oh, one thing. Didn't find a quit button.. I alt+tabbed to get back to windows.
Oct 27 2011 03:46 AM
Ah. thnx for the feedbak :D. i will add some head bobbing and the guns will be animated :D. Theres stil alot of tweaking left. O and since and i dont have a menu system yet the game will exit with the Escape key.

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