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Strife: Questing and Creature Hostility

Strife MMORPG Distant Melody
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My first child was born last week Tuesday (A healthy boy at 3.7 kg named Ryan). But inbetween changing nappies and supporting my wife I managed to get a good amount of work done (and with work I mean writing Strife seeing as I'm on paternity leave from real work ^^).

As usual I have a video and a list of changes. Most of my time since my last post went into making questing functional and making sure as much as possible happens on the server with as little as possible being sent over the line.

- Questing: added quest givers with emotes. Implemented a complete quest chain with quests being able to have more than one objective or prerequisite quests. One quest giver can also offer multiple quests at the same time.
- Creature Hostility with colour coding. Some creatures are now hostile towards players or other creatures.
- Creature Tagging. The player that firsts attacks a creature will get the quest credit for it when it dies. Players will also not get quest credit if they kill a creature thats fighting another creature unless they wait for one of them to die first. A creature tagged by something ohter than you will have a grey nameplate.
- Creatures now also show their target.
- Can now only attacking things in front of you (server side check)
- Fixed 2 small issues that sometimes caused creatures to either pat backwards or do a 360 degree twirl.

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Nov 04 2012 08:06 PM
Hey there, I haven't followed this project before, but it looks very good! How long have you been developing the game for?
Nov 05 2012 01:24 AM
Hi. Thnx! Ive been developing this for 3 months now, Although It uses my game engine and network library that ive developed alongside other projects over the last 5 years.
Nov 05 2012 01:46 AM
Very impressive!
Nov 05 2012 02:48 AM
Thank you ^^

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