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Strife: Mana, Spell cooldowns and Lines

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Legends of Strife

Implemented mana, spell cooldowns and a global spell cooldown of 1 second (1 second cooldown on all spells after a spell is cast). I Implemented spell queueing. A player can que his next spell during his global cooldown. This should allow players with different ping times to all be able to cast multiple consecutive spells at maximum efficency.

The renderer now also renders black outlines to help achieve the anime styled look (Might still be a little rough though).

I also started with the character equipment and stats frame. It's ingame but it's not functional yet.

Here's an demonstration video followed by one screenshot

Posted Image

Dec 18 2012 01:21 AM
+1 for spell queuing, though you should still be able to quickly cancel a queued spell in case circumstances change.
Dec 18 2012 04:16 AM
Thnx! Ah yes. I'l add something for that. Probably cancel the queued spell with escape key. But if for example a player wants to cancel a queued spell 150 ms before it would be casted but he has a 400ms ping his cancel command wont reach the server in time and the spell would cast anyway even though it would seem to the player that he canceled it in time. But that cant be helped and its probably not much of an issue.

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