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Strife: Chat

Strife Legends of Strife MMORPG Distant Melody
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Legends of Strife

Implemented chatting. You can now send messages to other entities standing close to you ("/say") or you can yell to reach entities in a wider radius ("/yell"). Also implemented channels in which you can chat to other players regardless of location. When entering the world all players will automatically join the "El Clease" channel (El Clease is the starting zone and currently the only zone in strife). If you hear an entity say or yell something a speech bubble will appear above it if the entity is loaded on the client. (The speech bubble doesn't have a background yet so calling it a bubble might be a stretch but its there and its functional ^^).

The chat system can be used by all "Entities" in the world meaning npc's and creatures can also say and yell stuff and they also hear other entities which gives the option to make them act when hearing certian things. Only players can use the chat channels since it would make little sense for npc's and creatures to use them, because chat channels are not "part of the world".

To play Legends of Strife download it here http://www.distantmelody.net/data/legends-of-strife/strife.exe. If you already have an older version you can just run it and it should patch itself to the latest.

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Jun 23 2013 03:39 AM

What would and adventure game be without chat? :)

Happy to see that you are progressing, keep up the good work.

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