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Journal of dx elliot

4: Adsense

Defend Your Nuts

Yikes! It's been a while since I last updated this.

Well, I finished my second Flash game called Defend Your Nuts, which is a free-to-play Flash game sponsored by Armor Games. The project took six weeks of development and then one week of part-time bug-fixing and polish. ...

Five new levels

By popular demand, I added five new levels 26-30 for Pigs Can Fly that should be more of a challenge. This is the final level...

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Pigs Can Fly

I finished my cursor game a while ago, and just released it on the Internet with an exclusive sponsor. Click here to play. I decided to give it a cute theme where you have to get the pig to the potion, so he can grow wings and fly away in 25 levels. It was released Friday night, and in...


This is the eighth level that I have finished. I've added some support for joints (b2RevoluteJoint, b2DistanceJoint) and it has opened up so many possibilities. I attached many circles together using b2RevoluteJoints to make this long chain that must be held by both ends. A third cursor is needed to swing the hanging door that nudges the circle off the...


I did not like the buttons that open gates from the previous entry.. it seemed like a cheap and easy way out. I replaced it with boxes that must be dragged around. This simplifies the game because it is clear that all orange boxes can be moved and all blue boxes are static.

Additionally, there is now a button to end the current cursor's turn. This will...

Co-op Cursors

I'm trying to make an original game with FlashDevelop. The goal is simple - to get the box or circle to its destination. But the goal cannot be accomplished with one cursor alone - the level is rewound while the previous cursor(s) have their actions replayed in the scene. For example, one cursor may need to hold down a button, while the other...

Box2D in Flash

I finished the development of Xmas sliders a couple weeks ago and submitted it to to the Apple store. It is awaiting a review.

My experience submitting a game for the iPhone/iPad is a bit sour, though the development was fairly easy. I have heard that the process to submit a finished app has improved, but it took many long and painful hours sifting...

More progress

I did some more progress on the game. The house goes back to the main menu, the 123 toggles the digits, and the egg "scrambles" the puzzle (lol). I only have time to work on this game bit by bit, but I can say that I am having fun with it. :)

Framework on Mac Mini

My Mac Mini and first generation iPod Touch I bought for game development more than a year ago had been sitting around idle until now. I needed to upgrade to Snow Leopard so that I could register as an individual developer and download the SDK. Then I found out that first generation iPod Touch devices are no longer compatible for app development.. HmmM?? ...

More pictures

Here are three more pictures I did. I only have one left to make a total of eight. What do you all think I should do? Hanukkah? I have already done Kwanzaa and a winter scene with a church.

(If you didn't read the previous post, these are for a jigsaw puzzle game)