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Journal of Lee Stripp

4: Adsense

vortxGE : Threads

After reading lots of tech papers/blogs on C++11 threads I redesigned the way the engine handles threading.Developers can now change threads manually per Scene, each pipeline : Move, Optimise are now batch threaded for better performance. after lots of testing this approch seems to work better under heavy load and being scalable its my new method of choic...

C++11 Threads

I was just brushing up on some C++11 concepts the last few nights (looking for parts of the engine to improve) and noticed quite a few people struggling with threads inside classes, as in using a class object as a thread. Some of the responses were so confusing to say the least.Also they were struggling with std::cout while threads were running. So here's...

My Business

Well I've been away from GameDev.net for what seems like forever. It has been a hard road but I'm up and running with the new business. First App is on the AppStore and I created a Online Shop for my site too.The plan is to start making some money to fund future Games using my engine, once the engine is done I'll release it free. With any luck this means...

Still Alive

I have been very busy setting up the new Business, sadly this meant I couldn't work on vortxGE. I have created 3 other Apps for iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X. This has been taking up all my time. I'm also in the middle of creating a new website for the Business : http://www.leestripp...ripp.comstill under construction.I'm just adding this entry to say I will be bac...

vortxEDIT : video

My first attempt at a video with audio. wow shocking :-)

vortxGE : Update

Started work on the Game level system, for this I needed to add hierarchy support to the Controls and also get that working in vortxEDIT. A recap on Controls in vortxGE, a control is a building block inside the engine for anything from a Viewer, Composite, Game Levels and so on. I wanted to be able to stack Levels on top of a LevelLoader control for...

vortxGE : Level Loading

Here is a little insight into how I work, I always plan out major systems on paper before I ever start coding them, I don't go overboard with tones of detail because this is just off the top of my head. Things may change as I write the code and I make changes to this document as I go. If I don't do this stage I find it takes 10x longer to write the...

vortxGE : single code base

After playing with the IOS engine code base for a while now I was confident I could recombine the 2 engine code bases together.... 4 hours later its all done and working very well, even sorted a small bug when a mesh file was missing and the engine still tried to access its bounding sphere for culling

vortxEDIT and iPhone/iPad projects are all under the...

vortxEDIT : Save

Been working hard at getting a save project feature working in vortxEDIT. This output will also be used by the Engine to load games
Small changes to the asset manager were done.

Here is the project file output so far. Just getting the basic elements down.

# vortxEDIT v1.0 by Lee A. Stripp
# Shaders
add_shader light_tex_dn
add_shader quad

vortxEDIT : Control View

I have now changed the Scene TreeView into a TreeView for the engine, showing all controls and sub-systems. This took a bit of work :-)

Started adding more Properties, here's an exsample of the Test cube with some changed material values.