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Journal of Lee Stripp

4: Adsense

vortxEDIT : Cocoa

After making my first ever Cocoa app for cataloging my fish I catch, yep I love to fish. I had to start somewhere.

I just jumped right in the deep end with the vortxGE Scene Editor called vortxDEIT, this follows my old editor written in Nokia Qt using C++. But I really wanted to make a native Mac OS X app (Cocoa) for scene editing as this is my main...


  • How many games have you worked on?
About 10 all up, last 4 were: 2up, Bi-Yo, Lolly World and CrossFate.

  • What do you work on in games, and how did you learn to do it?
Well I work on many areas, 3D Modelling, Animation, Programming etc... I'm self-taught from the age of 12, once at school I found like minded friends...

vortxGE : Lighting

Took a few days off to go fishing, now I'm back and hard at coding.

I worked on :
  • Lighting
  • Tangents
I added back in the light manager for scene objects, shaders only support 3 lights at the moment for forward...

vortxGE : Culling

I now have culling back in, sadly even after finding an extension for occlusion on IOS. I think its only available on iPad2, I just couldn't find any info on this... so here's what I added.

  • Frustum Culling

Mac OS X
  • Frustum Culling
  • Occlusion Culling
Frustum cull is just a given with both camera and...

vortxGE : Mesh loader

Okay where to start... Because I rewrote the Mesh/Batch classes I had a little more work to do with the new Mesh loader. The new loader now supports texture and shader loading automatically, mesh files are text based at the moment so their easy to edit and try new options... hmmm not so bad.

Engine is running on Mac, iPhone and iPad with all new features....

vortxGE : iPad and iPhone test

Most of the new redesign is in place and working, I now have Mac, iPhone and iPad code in sync.

  • Bullet Physics
  • Animation system - Cubic curves, Transforms and Materials.
Slow rotation is due to the screen recorder.

vortxGE : Custom Composites

Well I have started testing the so called composite Control, this control is just a scene render pipeline which makes it very powerful. Basically you can setup any type of scene and point fbo textures to an object. All the feature of scenes are the same (culling etc...), its just a scene.

Anyway the image below shows 2 scenes that connect from a quad in...

vortxGE : Render to Texture

I'm done adding render to texture, this is a full rewrite of the old code making it more generic and self contained. I've also added a new Control for rendering simple scenes/objects, very usefull. The pic below shows OpenGL Profiler with the FBO attached texture, showing the output of the viewer Control.

[attachment=11069:Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at...

Render Pipeline

Just thought someone might like to see my flow chart for the basic render pipeline. I created this before I started working on the new engine. This is all implemented now and working well. As you may guess its a little more complex then whats shown here but you get the idea.

Added support for Retina displays and have done...