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Render Pipeline

Posted by , 01 September 2012 · 808 views

Render Game Engine Flow
Just thought someone might like to see my flow chart for the basic render pipeline. I created this before I started working on the new engine. This is all implemented now and working well. As you may guess its a little more complex then whats shown here but you get the idea.

Attached Image

Added support for Retina displays and have done all tests, all scales work fine. Support for FBOs is in place and seems to work, I'll be running lots of tests first before I move on to the next TODO !

Overall things are progressing well.

Nice to see you back!! It's been awhile! Glad everything is working well for you.
Hi Black-Rook, thanks and its great to be back and working for myself once again. I have checked your project out too, it's looking great mate!!

This time I wont be stopping to work on other companies projects, my full focus is on the engine and making some app's for a new business a long time friend and I have started. Crosses fingers all goes well :-P

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