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vortxEDIT : Cocoa

Posted by , 30 September 2012 · 709 views

vortxGE Editor Cocoa
After making my first ever Cocoa app for cataloging my fish I catch, yep I love to fish. I had to start somewhere.

I just jumped right in the deep end with the vortxGE Scene Editor called vortxDEIT, this follows my old editor written in Nokia Qt using C++. But I really wanted to make a native Mac OS X app (Cocoa) for scene editing as this is my main platform these days.

So far it displays all scene node objects and the main Game View.

Attached Image

Left : The Scenes TreeView
Top Middle : Game View
Bottom Middle : Properties
Top Right : Asset Viewer
Bottom Right : Asset TreeView

The interface may change a lot from this design, my aim is to get something up and running fast. Later I'll redesign or even remake the app.

Looking good.
Thanks BR, Properties are next, I'm still learning the Cocoa API's and Objective-C so its a little painful at the moment. I do enjoy a challenge.
Basic Property handling working, I only have the 3 properties (shown in the image) setup for now, adding more is very simple but I just want to run tests first. Any property I add is automatically available for animation (key framed).

vortxEDIT : properties

Getting there.
Very nice! Haha hope you had a chance to sleep this weekend!
LOL, yeah just off to sleep right now. I just cant seem to stop..

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