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vortxGE : single code base

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After playing with the IOS engine code base for a while now I was confident I could recombine the 2 engine code bases together.... 4 hours later its all done and working very well, even sorted a small bug when a mesh file was missing and the engine still tried to access its bounding sphere for culling

vortxEDIT and iPhone/iPad projects are all under the same workspace now, very nice.

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Oct 19 2012 03:24 PM
I was about to start work on Load functions when I noticed the new ARC wasn't working well with NSOutlineView, the Items I create had no way of being released when I wanted to clear the view hmmmmm. I cannot find any info on this problem online. So its back to Manual RC, but I just marked files that needed MRC.

After changing all code needed I found some strange ARC bugs were all gone, I was getting random Leaks maybe every 10th time I ran the App from my GL controller classes, strange because these bits of code are very simple and seem perfectly fine. After the changes all is well. go figure !
Oct 21 2012 11:14 AM
Lots of code cleanup done, Now I'm finally ready to add Project Loading. That will be sooooo nice.

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