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4: Adsense

Android, Pyweek and Seperate Axis Theorem

[BLURB:] Sooooo... Perhaps I should work on smaller projects... hmmm. In any case, spent some time taking a look into python on Android, tried the pyweek challenge, and NAILED THE HELL out of SATs... not the school education kind.

Hmmm... Archetype needs to take a little break (not that I haven't already put it on the...

4X development and holding on Archetype

[BLURB:] Working on a 4X game, and the Archetype Engine is on hold thanks to the flipping camera! Also, my job goes from part time to full time and I've been exhausted!

[DEVELOPMENT: Galaxy vs Archetype]
It's a bit of a bad habit of mine. I'll work on a project for about a month or two, then I want to try something else....

Textures and Blenders

[BLURB:] Ummm... Yup. I have textures and I export from Blenders :D

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Ok, so I haven't been saying very much this month. I had a bout where I REEEALLY wanted to play a good space based 4x game, but failed to find one that fit my desire. After that, I tried X2: The Threat on Linux. Fun game, but a little too...

Gah! Almost two weeks!

[BLURB:] Not dead yet!


Ok, I haven't worked on Archetype for almost a week because my favorite RPG table top group suddenly finds itself GMless and I decided to try giving the job a go. Not that I've actually started GMing. It's an online group that used a virtual table top (VTT) and I've been spending a week...

Possible VBO Victory!

[BLURB:] I think I may have successfully discovered how to integrate VBOs into my library!

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Having gone round and round and round the google merry-go-round in regards to VBOs with pyopengl, I FINALLY figured out how to get my hands on glGenBuffers and why my tests for always failed! Ok, it seems my...

ATI hate me, I think.

[BLURB:] A choice made 5 years ago is not effecting my 3D ENGINE!!! Grrrrr.... Have to put VBO development on hold! Grrrrr.... Vertex Array Object works like a charm... YAY!

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Ok, I busted my mental hump trying to figure out VBOs. For PyOpenGL, most documentation on the subject is almost...

Working the "view"

[BLURB]: Studying VBOs and trying to determine the best method for rendering.

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Yes, to be perfectly honest, I've been a little lazy the last few nights. Not that I haven't done any work, but it's been light; reordering classes and files, mostly.
That said, some of the reason I've slowed is...

Bug fixes... and a Screenshot Part Duex

[BLURB]: GOT YA! My camera works, finally! I fixed the rendering of the camera too, so it LOOKS like a camera. Nailed an interesting bug in my vector classes, and all is right with the world... oh yeah, another boring screen shot!

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

The blurb basically sums up the massive part of my work. Basically,...

Bug Fixes... and a Screenshot!

[BLURB]: What can I say? Bug fixes... and a screen shot of a BROKEN demo :)

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Still a number of bugs to clean, but I fixed enough of them to get something drawn on the screen now, and it's easier to see the two viewports. Camera's still a LOT funky, though, so a bit of work needs to be done. I DO have a screen shot,...

Technically... a demo is written... errr....

[BLURB]: Viewports and camera and demos... OH MY! Ummm... but demo doesn't work yet... lol!

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Nothing major to talk about this blog, but I felt I should keep anyone who's still watching this journal apprised... I not have a "viewport" class that handles viewport setup for rendering. It...