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Pistol - Part 2: Texturing

Posted by , 21 May 2011 · 963 views

And here’s episode 2 of the Sig Sauer Saga! In which I attempt to UV map and texture the model from Part 1. And do lighting and compositing for a decent somewhat photo-realistic render. Take a gander. Feedback appreciated!

Mirrored on my blog

what screenshot capture tool do you use to grab the images?
I use CamStudio Recorder to record the time-lapse video. I set it to capture a frame every two seconds and feed it through a Microsoft AVI codec. The resulting files are usually a couple hundred megs for a few hours. There's sometimes some color distortion, but overall not bad. Then I just plop it into good old Windows Movie Maker to compress it down to 720p.
Very friggin cool my friend. Nice presentation Posted Image
True. Very smart way of showing the whole process. And nice model!
Thank you very much, this is interesting!
Two thumbs up :lol:
Thanks guys! Posted Image
I'm a bit late to the party, but cool stuff - the P220 is a great gun. I own a P226 myself - so this has some extra appeal to me as a Sig Sauer fan Posted Image
Very nice work! I usually skim over these time lapse modelling videos to the end but the harry potter remix music was such a good groove I watched it all through. The modelling video is better to watch than texture video way more interesting watching stuff get made.

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