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Screenshot Saturday 169

4: Adsense

This week I finally implemented SSAO! It’s pretty basic, but it works.
Posted Image
Check out the effect source code here.
It’s a big deal for me because I tried it once before and it came out like this:
Posted Image

I’m also still working on the player model. I think it’s close to being in a usable state. What do you think? Is that a ponytail, or a brain slug?
Posted Image

Like I mentioned last week, I’m using Rigify to rig the mesh. I wrote a little Blender operator that bakes all the IK animations into a format I can use. If there’s interest I’ll post an article soon about the whole process, because Rigify is surprisingly hard to find information about online.
Lots of other stuff is happening too, it’s just not very screenshotable. For example, I finally figured out a way to prevent people from infinitely spamming the wall-jump straight up a corner, and I did it without nerfing legitimate wall-jumps at all. Great success!
That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading.
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May 03 2014 12:41 AM

The new model is looking really good. Is that another MakeHuman base mesh?

May 03 2014 08:09 AM

Thanks. Yep, I basically modeled the clothes around a MakeHuman mesh and then deleted everything but the head and hands.

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