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4: Adsense

Background in place

Implemented hammer rotation, background, and the unfinished basics of a entity system.

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The game is afoot, good sirs.

My game name: "MC Hammer Toss"

You play as a hammer, and you move it around to get it through a moving jumble of objects trying to protect a crystal or something that you are trying to break. The crystal moves around, with its guards moving with it.
I intend to have multiple enemy types: Most defensively protecting the crystal that you...

The contest started

The contest started. The theme is "MC Hammer, "U Can't Touch This"".

My first task is (obviously) to design what the game will be. I will prioritize by coming up with three features or ideas that I...

Community Challenge - Before the challenge begins

I'll be taking a minor break this weekend to participate in the GameDev.net Community Challenge.

I'll be writing updates on my progress (when time allows) as the challenge is underway, and you can see all related posts by viewing my Journal category labeled...