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End of day 1 - TWoA

Posted by , in GDNet Competition 2014 23 September 2014 - - - - - - · 1,091 views

I didn't get too much done, but I did get scrolling, zooming, and picking of isometric tiles.
Also display the controls and gameplay tips.

Posted Image

I made the background image just to have a placeholder until the artist draws something, but I'm actually liking it, so I may end up keeping it. I'll need to adjust the contrast and brightness so it doesn't compete visually with the enemy and ally units, but I can't do that until we get the art in-game.

Also, the artist informs me that she's drawing rats, not mice. I think I'm just going to keep calling them 'mice' though. The sketches she showed me looked adorable. Nothing says 'cute' like a mouse with a M1 Garand - I'll have to upload some concept sketches as soon as she's ready with them.

Apparently murdering babies is off the table - WoA2 contest

Posted by , in GDNet Competition 2014, Design 22 September 2014 - - - - - - · 1,238 views

So the week of awesome contest has just began, with the theme being "The toys are alive!".

My artist friend and myself came up with an idea last night, so I'm about ready to get started coding it. We're making a small tactical game where you play a group of mice defending their wooden-block fortress against the toy army soldiers marching forward to drive them off the land.

Here's the my concept sketch from last night:
Posted Image

I was originally suggesting we have mother mice laying on a nest with her kits/cubs/whatever, that the toy soldiers murder if you let them reach that point. The artist didn't go for it. Posted Image

So we're going in a more gameplay-first direction, instead of a political-commentary-on-the-bloody-cost-of-toy-wars direction. Posted Image

Shadowing and lighting my RPG's walls

Posted by , in AdventureFar, Pixel art, Design 02 July 2014 - * * * * * · 1,471 views
art, design, lighting
I was trying to figure out some some shadowing stuff, and so put this image together for my own benefit, and then figured I'd post it here and share it with anyone interested.

Here's how I'm shading and lighting the walls for my game.

Posted Image

I was considering using Screen or Additive blending for the light, and Multiply or Subtractive for the purple shadowing, but since I have the overlays so low in transparency, it seemed regular alpha blending had the light and shadow coloring showing up better better.

While it technically doesn't make sense for there to be arbitrary lighting on one end of the wall and arbitrary shading on the end, it adds more "life" to the wall, I feel, making it look less flat. And, as an artist friend was saying to me, 'The artistic rules with lighting is basically that you get to make it up, because what with light scattering and light rays bouncing around everywhere, you can pretty much just do whatever looks good and get away with it.' (paraphrased)

With lighting, you can just cheat as long as it doesn't stand out so badly that it draws people's eyes to it. With this wall being in the midst of a scene with many things to look at, the subtle lighting at the ends won't be too noticeable, but will still add to the overall visual aesthetics.

Probably, maybe, hopefully? Posted Image

Art I made today

Posted by , in AdventureFar, Pixel art 22 June 2014 - - - - - - · 1,089 views

I've been really busy with household projects + guests staying over, so I haven't made much progress on Of Stranger Flames.

Yesterday and today, I managed to sneak a little time in and made these:

Water cistern / well:

Posted Image Posted Image

A closed version, and an open version.

Stone blocks:
Posted ImagePosted Image
(With optional horse ring tie-out).

Stone posts:

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Small posts, outdoors, for whatever purpose.
These aren't support posts, they are roughly 5" x 5" and maybe 4 or 5 feet tall.

Horse watering troughs:
Posted ImagePosted Image

An empty version and a filled version.

I'm hoping to get more work done on my editor soon - I still can't view any of this art in-game, which makes it hard to get the scale correct. I have fixed measurements (1 pixel = 1 inch, so a 48x48 tile is four feet by four feet), but I know I'll have to adjust alot of my art once I see it all in the game world - I'll probably need to adjust scale as well as relative brightness.

Hope all y'all projects are going well!

Screenshots of my WIP editor

Posted by , in AdventureFar 29 May 2014 - - - - - - · 925 views
gamedev, editor, tools
Haven't posted anything for quite awhile, so here's two screenshots of the current state of my editor. Some of the tabs and buttons don't actually work, but a surprising amount does work.
Posted Image
Posted Image

A few art pieces over the past few days

Posted by , in AdventureFar, Pixel art 21 February 2014 - - - - - - · 1,356 views
pixelart, development
I'm working on a small tool to help me package my games' art assets together in a more manageable way, so here's a screenshot of that:

Posted Image

(Most of these buttons aren't working yet)

But, as usual when I can't get into a coding groove (or when waiting for long compiles), I've worked on some tileart for Of Stranger Flames.

Marble fireplace

Posted Image

This is a marble fireplace, with gold trim. It's sunk into the wall, which is why the mantlepiece looks cut-off at the top.

I'm pleased with it, aside from it probably being slightly too small.


Posted Image

Stack of firewood to go with it. They seem a bit out of proportion compared to the fireplace, but don't let that fool you! In reality, they actually are out of proportion with the fireplace because I wasn't paying attention to my in-game size measurements again! Posted Image

The fireplace seems a bit small, but the logs are definitely over-sized.

"Once I get the actual editor working" (yep, still on that repeating record track), then these kinds of things will be alot easier to notice and correct.

Not fully happy with the logs, even apart from the size. Too uniform for real firewood.

King's throne
Posted Image

The tiny colony/nation that Of Stranger Flames takes place in has a young king ruling it. Only the second king in its short history.
And hey, a king needs more than just a figurative throne - he needs a smashingly nice and literal throne. Posted Image
French-inspired, ofcourse, since the colony was colonized by the french.

I'm very pleased with it.

Large (really large) tent

Posted Image

When I was making this tent, I designed it kind-of with military use in-mind, thinking it may have a place in the first semi-town the player encounters, which is a military outpost.

Leave it to my character-artist to point out that this tent would collapse after the first rainfall, when the rain would pool up on the roof. Posted Image

I think the tent needs some more work with creases and such. I'm liking the texturing (it's supposed to be made out of "canvas" which is made from cotton, wool, or hemp (from which ropes are made). I also liked out the rugs in the doorway came out, but I think the roof needs more character.

Double archway

Posted Image

Very large stone double-archway, probably for the fortified fortress the player passes through a few hours into the game.

Roofing shingles

Posted Image
I made this one a week or two ago. Since it's composed of tiles, when I actually make use of it, I'll be sure the forward-facing portion of the roof is slightly longer than the backward-facing side (because of the camera angle of the game).

Built-in bookcase

Posted Image

A bookcase built-into / sunk-into the wall. Way too oversized. (And yet, I have a measurement system... apparently I neglected it the past few weeks).

I'm a sucker for built-in furniture (like that marble fireplace), having helped my dad construct a few around the house when younger. Never this fancy though, and certainly not in a stone wall! Posted Image

Anyway, I hope all y'all projects are going well. The programming side of mine keeps starting and stalling, progress-wise, but hopefully it'll kick into drive soon. Posted Image

Inwhich I post some artwork to gaze upon...

Posted by , in Pixel art 09 February 2014 - - - - - - · 1,607 views
art, pixelart, tileart
Inwhich I post some artwork to gaze upon...
...wistfully longing for them to actually be within the game world itself.

Been sick/busy/occupied for awhile with non-programming things, but I've still gotten some art done here and there over the past few weeks.

Got a NAS with x2 1TB Western Digital Red drives stuck in it (as a single RAID1 drive) for backup purposes. I like Western Digital; they give good prices, high quality (in my inexperienced opinion) harddrives, backed by good no-hassle warranties.
(For you non-english speakers, my internet is a bit rusty but I think the correct translation is: "Western Digital is a pretty cool guy. tEhy gives goud deal and and doesnt afraid of anything.")

Anyway, artwork, yes.

Cliff walls:
Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Planter boxes:
Posted ImagePosted Image (and several more plant variations)

Roofing shingles:

Posted Image
Paving stones:

Posted Image

Brick wall:

Posted Image

Minor spattering of info

Posted by , in AdventureFar, Pixel art 02 January 2014 - - - - - - · 1,213 views
development, rpg
Not much to say, and not much to show, but I haven't posted in several weeks so I figure I need to post something.

I've been running some tests using SFML and OpenGL, to see what kind of framerates I could get when drawing my 2D tiles (the results of the performance results are still inexplicably low), and in doing so, I confusedly ended up with some weird OpenGL mistakes from mixing up by the order that the vertices were supposed to go in:

Posted Image

Being new to GLSL (and OpenGL in general), I was playing around with getting my existing color blending algorithms working with OpenGL shaders:

Posted Image

Anyway, eventually (after heatedly interrogating other GDNet members in the chat room) I realized (okay, fine, "admitted I was wrong and acknowledged" Posted Image) that I didn't actually need to use GLSL shaders to achieve the results I wanted:

Posted Image

But, I do need to use GLSL shaders to use one texture as the alpha mask for another texture. Posted Image
I thought there would be built in OpenGL functions for that, for sure.

It took me several days to trick SFML into letting me do that, by intermingling OpenGL function calls and GLSL shaders and depending on SFML implementation details:

Posted Image

That's a rotated texture that has been flipped horizontally, with a independently rotated and/or flipped texture applied as the alpha channel.

If you came here expecting artwork... I haven't really worked on much recently. Posted Image
Today I did make some pottery and jewelry boxes, but that's about it for the past several weeks!
Posted Image

Oh, as mentioned in my previous dozen or so journal entries, you now have the great privilege of following me on twitter! *waits expectantly for the world to burst into rejoicing*
Posted Image

*still waiting expectantly*

Update on 'Of Stranger Flames'

Posted by , in AdventureFar, Pixel art, Design 11 December 2013 - - - - - - · 7,001 views
art, game, development, progress and 1 more...
Haven't posted in awhile. I've been busy doing some minor VBA scripts as well as necessary housework projects, so I haven't been able to make much project on my game.

Anyway, I'm back knee-deep in Of Stranger Flames again. It's so refreshing to be able to speak my native C++ language again!

Editor work:

I just finished getting tag-filtering re-implemented into the editor:

Posted Image

I'm trying to get the editor done as fast as possible, but we'll see how it all works out. 3 1/2 years working on the editor?! I really need to get it done. Posted Image

Ofcourse, those 3 years have also been spent on artwork, the game concept, and other things, but still... without getting the editor finished, I can't move forward.


Speaking of art (look, a diversion!), here's some I made recently:
(These works are all copyrighted, except where noted below, and I reserve the rights to them Posted Image)

Some plants for forested areas:

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Some stone water holding thing:

Posted Image

Paintings and other wall-hangers:

Posted Image

The paintings within the frame are old public domain artwork from the 1700s, from Wikicommons.

Posted Image

Here, I was trying to make some kind of wall-mounted wood-carved wall-hung something or other.
Is it clear enough that you can tell what it's showing?

Baseboard and fancy crown moulding:

Posted Image

Carved baseboard (basically just re-using the art from the wood-carved object above).

Posted Image

This is weird. It's supposed to be a type of really fancy crown-moulding (decorative trimwork that goes at the top of walls where the wall meets the ceiling), but this crown-moulding has painting inside it. I never knew such a thing existed until I saw a photograph of something similar from some fancy building in Europe or Russia.

Can you tell what the picture is supposed to be?


Incase you didn't know, I tweet now. That is to say, I have a twitter account that could ostensibly be used for tweeting, if I'd remember to do it more often. Posted Image

I tend to not want to tweet unless I actually have something to say or am replying to, or retweeting, what someone else said, so I only average about 1.5 tweets a day. I currently have 75 non-spambot followers, which is pretty good, all things considered. I figure, despite not really being all that sociable, that I need to build a 'social media' 'presence'. That's a thing now, you know. Or, at least it was three years ago - I might've been left behind again. Posted Image

So anyway, you should follow me. And you should PM me on GameDev.net with your twitter handle so I can follow you. Posted Image

Stain glass windows

Posted by , in AdventureFar, Pixel art 08 October 2013 - - - - - - · 1,520 views

A month or two ago, I drew some stain glass windows for Of Stranger Flames. Here's how they look:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

(These are blended together in an art program - this is not an actual in-game screenshot)

Mockup room, for motivation

Posted by , in AdventureFar, Design 04 October 2013 - - - - - - · 1,171 views
I've been intermittently busy with real life the past two months or so, but that's wrapped up now.
Slightly discouraged by the lack of progress on Of Stranger Flames.

Today I slapped together, in MS Paint, a mockup up something close to the art style I'm trying to go for with this game using existing art I have made in the past. There's some minor differences in the art styles (and object sizes) of the different pieces that need to become more consistent when I get around to making the game world, but this at least gives me some comfort seeing something visual.
Posted Image

I really really need to get the world editor finished. Posted Image

Day 3 - Also not much to show

Posted by , in GDNet Competition 2013 21 August 2013 - - - - - - · 684 views

Collision detection has been put in place, and player movement, and the loading of room objects (the white square).

Posted Image

Man, I need to really hustle these last four days if I hope to present a completed game!

Day 2 - Still not much to show

Posted by , in GDNet Competition 2013 20 August 2013 - - - - - - · 573 views

I got most of the basic code done for showing objects, constraining the camera to an area, texturing the background, playing music, and some other things as well. The problem is that I haven't yet created any objects to show! So it's just a textured plane.

Posted Image

I'm really exhausted, been doing physical housework most of yesterday and today, and cramming several hours in each night. Tomorrow will be worst, but the days after that should be alot freer. Regardless, I think I can polish up a good entry between the cracks of time and give everyone else a good challenge!

The artist on my team has really been carrying most the workload while I've been busy on non-competition stuff. Alot of the story and dialog has been rough-drafted.

General concept

Posted by , in GDNet Competition 2013 19 August 2013 - - - - - - · 644 views

This entry is about this week's GDNet gamedev competition.

Working together with an artist friend, our basic game idea is about a village of Dilophosaurus who are planning to attack a nearby human village in response to human hunters attacking Dilophosaurus and other dinosaurs.

The game takes place in the Dilophosaurus village, as the various Dilophosuari argue and debate their course of actions.

Here's a hand-drawn sketch of the main character, drawn by the artist, in his 'face west' pose.

Posted Image
Serious dinosaur is serious.

My friend drew it in pencil, then I scanned it and colored it in Paint Shop Pro XI.

Still alot of coding that needs to get done! I was busy with non-competition related stuff today (and now my hands are blistered like crazy!), but managed to put in a good six-ish hours.

Some plant artwork

Posted by , in AdventureFar, Pixel art 31 July 2013 - - - - - - · 602 views
art, 2d, rpg
Wow. Five journal entries in one month. I hope I'm making up for all the months where I skipped posting!

Well, here's a few more shrubbery things for my game:

Attached Image
The trunk ain't so hot here. I've already updated the trunks since I took this screenshot, and while improved, they still aren't that great.

Attached Image
I love these ones alot. Also, generated a few smaller versions of them, for more variation.

These were ridiculously easy to do, because I found some public domain plant leaves and just recolored, shrunk, and rotated them.

Some over-fancy mayor or lord will be pleased with his new doorway:

Attached Image
This would ideally be against a grey-ish or dark-colored wall. A dark red wall would work well also. The gold leaves are supposed to be as if they were stenciled on the wall as decor.

These doorway leaves were also public domain.

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