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Winding down

4: Adsense

Things are getting nearer and nearer to completion. I still haven't made all the content yet, and still lack a few of the obstacles/enemies, but that's not anything that will bring up unexpected challenges. Content creation is just content creation after all.

My code is now laced with "if level is the first one", "if level is the last one", "if the player happens to be at this position". Horrible stuff, but, well, I only have 13 hours left, if I exclude sleep - which it looks like I'll have to do.

Damage is in place, as is player dying. Level boundaries work fine, and the game is completable but doesn't yet trigger 'end of game' (easy to do though). Music and sound is in place, and I'm happy with the way the game is turning out, especially if I can make all the art I'm wanting to make (because it really adds to the game in more ways than just visual appeal).
Still need to write up the read-me, and I have alot of art I still need to make. Then I need to test the game and polish it a bit, and package up for release.

I'm going to take a half hour break to eat, then I'll have to run off somewhere real quick for an hour, but I'll be back to dig into it again after that.

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