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Working on the plot

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I've been working on the plot of AdventureFar some more. One of my brothers and I are kinda passing the plot back and forth; I wrote the first general draft, he redacted some, rewrote some, and expanded some, and now I'm redacting, rewriting, and expanding some more, and we'll passing it back and forth several more times before things are finalized.

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The above text is possibly the intro-text of the game.

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Right now, I've broken the plot into Acts, Sections, Events, and Scenes. These show the flow of the linear plot of the game, though there will be sidequests and secrets as well listed elsewhere.

Each Act is broken into two Sections. Each Section is composed of six or so Events, which are detailed by Scenes.
An 'Event' can be described like, "The player goes to the village ________, to deal with xyz" A 'Scene' is something like, "When the player first enters the village, the guard approaches him and says....". An 'Event' is like the chapter title of a book, whereas a 'Scene' is the chapter contents itself.

My loose titles for the acts and sections are:

Act 1 – ‘Village ashes’
  • Investigation
  • A King's Follies
Act 2 – ‘King’s Highway’
  • King’s Highway
  • A Loyal Rebellion
Act 3 – ‘A Kingdom burning’
  • <redacted name for spoilers>
  • A Warrior Risen
Act 4 – ‘Executioner’
  • Council of War
  • The Hunters Released

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Right now I've finished writing the general Events for both Sections of Act 1, and have detailed Scenes for the first Event of Act 1. I also have the general flow of the game's plot in my head, but haven't yet got it down on paper and fleshed out.

I'm still deciding whether I'm going to break up the game into two separate games, or one single game. If each Act ends up being over 8 hours of gameplay (excluding sidequests and exploration), I'll probably package Act 1 & 2 together, and Act 3 & 4 together. As it currently is, I estimate 4 1/2 hours (main plot only) for Act 1, so for now it's a single game.
When I actually am far enough along development to play through Act 1, then I'll have real measurements, and not just guesswork. As of now, not a single area in the game world exists, since I still haven't resumed coding the game itself (still sidetracked on some tools - though I'm almost done).

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One thing I'm doing in this game is, while the guardians, of which the player is a member, defend the people and uphold justice and righteousness in the land, they don't also have the option of doing so in the most morally ideal way. Infact, some of the choices that the guardians and the player make during the flow of the game for the sake of protecting the people from the threats that have arisen will hopefully take the player by surprise.

Another thing I'm planning is having one of the major power pushers of the nation go 'crazy' and kill alot of people... but then I have the guardians argue amonst themselves in favor of the power player, and not making the stereotypical "Oh, he's crazy, let's kill him.", rather, "Oh, it makes sense he'd do that, it's unfortunate what's happening against him, he's to be pitied, I'd probably do the same thing in his place, but we have to defend the people, so let's kill him anyway".

The game will be heavily story-based, though probably at the expense of some replayability (though I often re-read books multiple times even though I know their plot, if they are good enough books).

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