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NomenRationarium - A tool for organizing character and area names

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NomenRationarium is a tool I've made for my own usages, and the usage of my siblings. Despite us all working on different projects in different mediums (One writing a book, another writing a manga, and myself a video game), we found we had a common need: A way to organize potential character or area names.

NomenRationarium, meaning "Name list" in butchered latin, provides a common place for you to store all your name ideas.

My siblings and I use the same tool, and sync our master list of names via DropBox. For each of our individual projects, we have a NomenRationarium file with the names we are using in that project (whether from the master list, or by creating unique project-only names).

NomenRationarium allows you to individually tag each name with mutliple tags, and search for names by filtering tags and usage.

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(This is a picture of a clean usage. When I run the program on my computer, the main list contains almost 300 names already - shared via DropBox)

The tool is definitely functional; however, if I recoded it from scratch I'd do it alot differently. Maybe someday in the future! But at the moment, I'm too busy with my AdventureFar game project (which is making good progress, thank you for asking!) to let myself be distracted any longer by working this tool.

Download NomenRationarium

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