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Care for a drink, hero? - More art previews from AdventureFar

pixel art development game rpg
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With GameStates refactored and the input system working, things are going good on the code front on my 2D RPG game 'AdventureFar'.

I have a habit of, when stuck on code or between compile times, opening MS Paint and just start making tiles.
My compile times are just long enough that I too-frequently switch to something else before it completes (15-20 second builds, when not doing 'Rebuild All'). Once I have that other window open, whether it's GD.net or MS Paint, chances are it won't be minimized for another 15 minutes.

I waste alot of good time that way, but I occasionally get some good art done as well.
The past week the art theme seems to accidentally be weathered wood and taverns. Posted Image

Bar counter:
Posted Image

(Note: Since my map-editor isn't working, I just move these tiles around in MS Paint to create the above shot)

Furniture Chests:
Posted Image Posted Image

These are chests - but not like treasure chests. These are the type of chests you'd find in someone's house filled with cloths.
Kinda like military "footlockers" but not made of metal. I actually designed this on paper (but with alot of variations) as a project I'd sometime like to make in real-life in a year or so, if I have some free time (I designed on paper a matching sidetable and bookcase to go with it). I kinda have a desire to make furniture in real life, as a potential hobby-ish project. I have the pre-requisite skills, but never have applied them toward that goal.

Tavern signs:
Posted Image Posted Image

The tavern names have no real plot-tied meaning. "His Majesty's Finest" just referring to the king in-game (The king is a huge plot element, but the tavern probably wont be).

You'll notice that once I made a decent wood image, I was perfectly content to re-use it for multiple tiles (All the previous images use the same wood image).

This has two benefits: 1) It provides matching styles of art between the artwork that uses that specific wood image in common.
And 2) I don't have to work as hard. Posted Image

Marble tiled flooring:
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Sometimes I see a nice pattern I like in a movie or a store (or at someone's house), and I try to snap a picture on my cellphone or memorize it in my head, then use that general pattern in my own tile designs. The above flooring was from a movie I watched recently (though I'm sure it's a pretty common design), but heavily changed. I only keep the general idea of the design, and oftentimes even the design itself is heavily altered by the time it reaches a finished piece of art.

Posted Image

Recent, but from farther back than the last two weeks. Perhaps you've already seen them.

Tiled stone floors:
Posted Image Posted Image

The ones on the left I don't know when I made - I might've already shown them to you. They look like they were made recently, but not too recently - probably within the past three months. I am frequently finding artwork that I forgot about, discovered somewhere in my small but growing collection. All the art (except a few pieces of furniture) I have made since I started working on this project, but I started working on it (on and off, unsure where it was heading) since June of 2010. The art library is fairly well organized in a Windows Explorer folder structure, and searchable by keywords from within the map-maker, but since I haven't been making maps (since the map editor is broken), I'm not familiar with the contents of the library.

I definitely have more floorings than I do walls. They are much easier to make. I also seem to have a knack for stone, so I have more stone tiles than anything else.

Some quick numbers: (bearing in mind that there may be alot of tiles that are just minor variation of each other)
../AdventureFar/Data/Graphics/Tiles/ - 1,178 Files, 233 Folders (including WIP artwork and scrap folders)
../AdventureFar/Data/Graphics/Tiles/Walls/ - 163 Files, 25 Folders
../AdventureFar/Data/Graphics/Tiles/Floors/ - 404 Files, 59 Folders
../AdventureFar/Data/Graphics/Tiles/Floors/Stone/ - 236 Files, 30 Folders

Apparently I have more stone floors than I do every type of wall (stone or not) put together. Posted Image

I'm really excited about AdventureFar right now. I've said this more than a few times already (and you might be sick of it), but after not being excited about it for so long, it's a welcome feeling to re-experience.

Feb 24 2012 05:27 PM
Love the tiled floor! great job on the others as well, can't wait to see more.
Feb 24 2012 06:57 PM
Thank you. =)

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