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Minor update... to say I've made no progress =(...

4: Adsense

Just stopping in to say I haven't made much progress since my last post.

[ . ] Minor household repairs
[ . ] Relatives visiting
[ . ] Borderlands coop (16.1 hours) (playing with one family member)
[ . ] Made a website for a friend's daughter's webcomic ("Patchwork Magic"). It's actually pretty funny, and she updates daily.
[ . ] Portal 2 coop (13.3 hours) (playing with another family member)
[√] All of the above

What time I've invested in programming has been spent thusly:
A) No new features have been added to the editor yet. Posted Image
B) I actually successfully got strongly typed typedefs working in C++! Posted Image
C) I've gone through my code, and switched over to the new typedef system for unit conversions where I've previously been bitten by bugs.

I'll make a post in a few days with the strongly typed typedefs code for others to use. I just want to test it in AdventureFar for a few more days before I proclaim victory.

May 28 2012 01:48 PM
I can totally respect playing borderlands with your buddy, I always do that for my programming breaks!

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