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Treasure Adventure Game

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Hey all, I'm making (slow) progress on AdventureFar. Won't be able to get the game editor (and thus the first town) done by the 15th as hoped.
I am making progress, but my programming time has been constrained slightly for the past week (but that will return to normal in a few more days).

Anyway, I'm just dropping in to point out this great freeware indie game I found called 'Treasure Adventure Game'. Despite it's very simplistic title, this Open World + Side scrolling + Zelda-esqe feeling game is very very good. The gameplay is fun, and despite all appearances of a cookie-cutter plot, it had several good plot twists and a rather consistent tied-together world.
I highly recommend this game.

Also, while plugging things, I might as well re-plug my friend's daughter's webcomic, Patchwork Magic. Whereas I live in a much-more urban area (Kansas City is really large), they live about three hours out on a farm (that I've probably visited a dozen times since I moved to the midwest). They're originally city-folk also, so it's funny how excited they get about farm-related stuff.

I highly-biasedly recommend this webcomic, seeing that I put the site together for her (*cough* wordpress *cough* I ain't a web developer).
Now if I could only get people to pay me to plug their stuff... :wink:

I'll post a small entry about the editor status in AdventureFar in 10 days or so, with an (new/revised) estimation of how long the editor will take to complete.

Jun 05 2012 08:48 PM
Looks like a fun comic, actually.
Jun 06 2012 12:46 PM
Thanks for pointing out TAG. Definitely looks interesting.

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