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Minor progress update

game development editor
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I've been making alot of progress on minor points, checking things off my list(s). This is especially good, because I've been really disappointed with my progress of late, mostly due to being busy with non-game development stuff that had to get done, and while my time wasn't "taken up", it was fractured into pieces that made it hard to really get into programming.

On one hand, I've been saying to myself and to others, "The level editor is almost complete! Just a month or two longer!". Alas, but I've been saying that for over a year now. Maybe longer. Posted Image However, I keep saying it because I really believe it - now more than ever! I keep on making progress and making progress, getting closer and getting closer - so I'm really truly close now. Just a month or two longer! Posted Image

My sister, who's agreed to help with map editing, practically rolls her eyes whenever I tell her "the editor is almost done". It's kinda a running joke now.

By "done" I mean "75% usable, so we can start making maps". Not 'perfectly finished'. I'll have to continue to tweak and refine it as we use it, but also, some of the features I will eventually need I'm not planning to add until later.

Quick checklist of recent things added:
  • Renaming floors and layers work
  • Adding floors and layers work
  • Deleting floors and layers work
  • Moving/reordering floors and layers work
Also got several things working again (after the internal area structure change).

Here are some of the things I fixed again:
  • Tile grid
  • Cell borders
  • Tile placement
I've also touched up the Tile Explorer some, and got world scrolling working again.

Apart from area saving and loading, and a few other minor odds and ends, I'll be ready to start making some of the first few maps. (Though collision detection and all that jazz won't be working yet).

Here's something cool I added, in-between other stuff: Dragging and dropping of layers to re-order them.

Posted Image

Here's me just playing around. I increased the default map-editing size to 5x5 cells, instead of 3x3, and adding more levels of zoom.
Here I'm zoomed out so much you can't really see anything clearly because of the red gridlines. I'm adding an option to toggle the gridlines.

Posted Image

So I'm really excited. Soon, the editor will be ready. I hope. Posted Image

Nov 25 2012 03:21 PM
The editor looks superb! :)
Nov 25 2012 05:33 PM
Thanks! I plan to use it for at least three games, maybe four.
Nov 25 2012 07:30 PM
:) That's the way to do it! Very much like my editor I made in C#. Can use it for almost any type of game.
Dec 02 2012 04:26 AM
The editor looks very cool!
You could add a kind of level detail to the grids as well.
Dec 02 2012 04:21 PM
The grid does have level of detail, I'm just very far zoomed out (That's 100 * 100 tiles visible).
I ended up auto-hiding the grid when you zoom too far, though.

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