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Editor screenshot

Posted by , in AdventureFar 06 July 2013 · 812 views

rpg tile editor
What's cool about Qt is that you can make really impressive looking interfaces fairly quickly.

Here's what the editor looks like today, compared with a week ago:

Posted Image

Still alot of work todo. I'm halfway considering licensing this editor out as a RPG making tool, or maybe just a tile editor, when I finish it. But that's low priority. The focus is on making the editor stable enough to use it for the Of Stranger Flames and several games afterward.

Starting to shape up nicely.

Hm. Interesting decisions for the interface, especially up top. Would love to hear more about your influence and motivation for the current ui design!

My design motivation basically goes:

  1. "Hmm, it'd look pretty cool if I could have tabs in the menubar. I wonder if I can trick Qt into allowing that?"
  2. "Woh, it worked! Looks pretty sweet! Completely flies in the face of consistency with the rest of desktop applications, but to heck with that!
  3. "...let's see if I can cram some hyperlinks and other widgets up there also, just 'cause."

My focuses are usually on making it visually pleasing to use, since map editors (uh, me and one of my siblings) will have to use it alot. It should be easy to use, but my focus seems to be on prettifying it more than anything - more so than a tool deserves that the players of the game will never see.


A user-experience expert would have a panic-attack upon seeing my designs. biggrin.png


As far as the gradient grey steel color scheme goes, that's stolen from inspired by the IDE I use (QtCreator).

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