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Some plant artwork

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Wow. Five journal entries in one month. I hope I'm making up for all the months where I skipped posting!

Well, here's a few more shrubbery things for my game:

Attached Image
The trunk ain't so hot here. I've already updated the trunks since I took this screenshot, and while improved, they still aren't that great.

Attached Image
I love these ones alot. Also, generated a few smaller versions of them, for more variation.

These were ridiculously easy to do, because I found some public domain plant leaves and just recolored, shrunk, and rotated them.

Some over-fancy mayor or lord will be pleased with his new doorway:

Attached Image
This would ideally be against a grey-ish or dark-colored wall. A dark red wall would work well also. The gold leaves are supposed to be as if they were stenciled on the wall as decor.

These doorway leaves were also public domain.

Aug 01 2013 06:01 PM

Great progress!

Aug 01 2013 06:14 PM

Thank you! :)

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